The Raspberry Brothers: Road House (Review)

“Pain don’t hurt.” Really? That “brilliant” quote is the philosophy of Dalton, Patrick Swayze’s character in the ridiculously bad 80s action film, Road House. The extraordinarily laughable movie was screened this past weekend at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s indy theater the Nitehawk Cinema under the talented mockery of the Raspberry Brothers. Like Mystery Science Theater 3000, they’re a group of three whose sole mission at the Nitehawk is to provide comedic and often insulting audio commentary on the week’s specially chosen movie.

With a movie like Road House, it’s a no-brainer it was selected by the Raspberry Brothers to rip into. It’s terrible. The plot revolves around Dalton, a New York dwelling, Tai Chi-practicing bouncer who is summoned to a seedy bar called The Double Deuce, in Jasper, Missouri, to help clean up the joint. Dalton does just that but eventually discovers even seedier activity in the form of a local businessman by the name of Wesley (Ben Gazzara). Soon, all hell breaks lose and it is up to Dalton to use his unique brand of justice to help clean up the town.

As usual, the Raspberry Brothers delivered a fantastic show. With a movie like Road House, the jokes were already there. All the Raspberry Brothers needed were the right moments to pluck them out and there were many to be plucked. With their Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque style, their intelligent observations and their exceptional timing, the Raspberry Brothers are a laugh riot. The Nitehawk Cinema is their venue and it is perfect because this special theater serves food and drinks during shows and screenings. If you’re looking for a good laugh and some good grub, then the Nitehawk Cinema and the Raspberry Brothers are the way to go. You won’t be disappointed.

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