Touched by an Angel: The Sixth Season

In 1994, CBS premiered the spiritually-themed drama Touched by an Angel, a show about troubled souls guided by three angels on Earth. Roma Downey, Della Reese and John Dye are the angels and in each episode they help someone in need. The sixth season is now out on DVD and it is jam-packed with Godly goodness.

The sixth season has 26 48-minute episodes, with each focusing on a random person faced with a problem and one, two or all of the main characters coming in and helping them. Monica (Downey), Tess (Reese) and Andrew (Dye) are the messengers sent from God and they do a fine job every episode.

Touched by an Angel is a sweet, well made show. The morals and lessons presented in each episode are smart, thought-provoking and sometimes, powerful. The acting is average at best and so is the writing. The writing can best be described as cheesy and the acting is melodramatic. The only real highlight of Touched by an Angel is the effective and spiritual message each episode presents.

Downey, Reese and Dye are alright in their roles but watching Touched by an Angel, one might think they are watching commercial for some type of over-the-counter medication. The creators of this show had good intentions and it’s obvious they wanted to give audiences a strong message with good-looking people delivering said message. The messages of spirituality, redemption and hope outshine the unfortunate mediocrity of the cast and script.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features for Touched by an Angel: The Sixth Season.

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