House Arrest (2012)

It really is sad that with this day and age comes truly pathetic cinematic garbage such as House Arrest. Not to be confused with the delightful 1996 family comedy of the same name, 2012’s House Arrest is a horrendous “comedy” that should never have been made. The whole production wreaks of low budget and low talent. There is really nothing good about this disaster of a film.

The story revolves around Chanel (Stacey Dash), a spoiled gold-digger and absentee mom. Her boo DeAndre played by rapper The Game gives her everything, that is until he’s arrested for a robbery. Chanel is also suspected to be involved and is sentenced to house arrest. Once confined to her home, she learns new things about herself and her family.

The supporting cast in House Arrest is so terrible, it’s scary. One character who comes to mind is Franswah (Red Grant). This character is a highly effeminate individual who attempts to steal the show but ends up inducing nausea. He/she has way too much screen time and it is like nails on a chalkboard watching this weirdo in action.

With a predictable plot and atrocious performances especially from The Game, House Arrest is a prime example of movie studios who pump out films with little to no originality. They care only about money and not enough about art. It really is a shame that movies like House Arrest get made. Stacey Dash does her best here with forced tears and all but it sadly falls short and one can’t help but laugh. Perhaps there is hope for this movie after all. It can give one a good chuckle or two.

DVD Bonus Features

There is only one bonus feature for House Arrest and it is a trailer gallery, yay.

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