Super Zeroes

Sci-fi comedies these days are a tricky thing to pull off. Filmmaking conventions such as story and direction are what truly make any film either a success or a failure. The lackluster indie comedySuper Zeroes tries to be quirky and fun but sadly does not compare to other supernatural comedies of today. It’s just 90 minutes of failed jokes and an uninteresting plot. This lame film has now been released along with its equally lame soundtrack.

Ty (Reece Thompson) and Cody (Blaise Miller) own a Porta Potty business in a small country town. They are considered losers by most of the town and their lives are literally in the crapper. That is until an asteroid crashes into their house one night and they start to develop strange superpowers like turning water into beer. Their dopey friend Teet (Travis Nicholson) is also affected and the three of them must deal with their new found powers along with the town’s bullies.

Super Zeroes is not a good film. It lacks a lot of things such as an original script, fresh jokes and good acting. It is a film which could have been so much more. As for the soundtrack, it’s nothing but annoying country and rap songs. One can’t help but imagine drinking Jack Daniels and tipping a cow while listening to these godawful songs. Please save yourself and avoidSuper Zeroes at all costs.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for Super Zeroes are average at best. They include a music video for the song Swingin’, a behind the scenes featurette and lastly, some bloopers.

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