The Pact 2

Typically, sequels are not very good. To continue in the vein of an original work of art is usually pretty unoriginal. Horror films seem to suffer from this “sequel syndrome” and it is really quite unfortunate. Sure, sometimes studios get lucky with Saw or Paranormal Activity but even then, those films begin to lose their luster and fall deep into obscurity. One recent example of this is The Pact 2, a sequel to a film that didn’t really need a sequel to begin with but then again, what horror films do these days?

The Pact 2 picks up where the first film left off. The Judas Killer has been killed and FBI profiler Terrence Ballard (Patrick Fischler) is about to close the 20 year-old case. That is until a copycat begins his or her own murder spree. Crime scene cleaner June (Camilla Luddington) and daughter of one of The Judas Killer’s victims, soon begins having disturbing visions and nightmares of the recent murder and future murders. The bulk of the film focuses on June as she deals with these horrific episodes, questioning her own sanity and her hunky cop boyfriend Daniel Meyer (Scott Michael Foster) does little to combat the supernatural/mental illness at play.

As far as sequels go, The Pact 2 is an unfortunate mess. It has an extremely weak plot and offers nothing new in terms of scares or characters. The only redeeming quality is Patrick Fischler, whose performance as an obsessed FBI agent is truly, truly great. He fully embodies the role and you can tell just from the look in his eyes that he has completely dedicated himself to the character. If you are going to watch this film for any reason, let that reason be for Fischler’s performance.

The rest of the film is a disaster and is almost embarrassing to watch. Camilla Luddington and her on screen counterpart Scott Michael Foster are nothing but eye candy in The Pact 2 and offer very little in terms of possessing strong acting chops. They basically look like they were filming an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial, got lost and ended up walking onto the set of this film. Seriously, these two “actors” are terrible.

The filmmakers of The Pact 2 were just out to make a quick buck. Like most B-grade sequels, actually to call this film a B-movie would be a compliment. This is a C-movie all the way and the filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves for subjecting audiences to this mindless drivel. The first The Pact had a lot going for it and was a strong entry in the horror genre. Its sequel however, not so much. It’s a shame that actor Patrick Fischler couldn’t singlehandedly save this picture from being the stinker that it is. I suppose it is a good thing that this film was made. Fischler has gained a little more exposure and hopefully, will be offered real movie work. As far as horror films go, The Pact 2 is instantly forgettable and not worth a second of your time. Please do yourself a favor and skip this junk.

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