Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Time travel is something film has tackled in more ways than one. The idea of traveling from one moment in time to another is a truly fascinating concept and one of the basic topics explored in science fiction. In 2010, Hot Tub Time Machine took that concept and added gross-out humor. John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke played a ragtag group who stumble across a, well, hot tub time machine. The four men then embark on a wild adventure as they venture back to the 1980s and all hell breaks loose. While the film wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece, it did garner a strong cult following and for purposes of this review, an even more ridiculous sequel.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 picks up where the first film left off with most of the primary cast from the first film in highly successful stations in life. Nick (Robinson) is a singer-songwriter who has taken well-known ballads and made them his own. He even has a lame dance in the same vein as the “Macarena”. Lou (Corddry) used the basic principles of Google and turned it into his own mega company: “Lougle” and Jacob (Duke) is Lou’s butler much to his chagrin. Everything seems to be going well for everyone. Even Adam (Cusack), who is absent from the proceedings but that’s explained in the film. When Lou is shot in his privates by an unknown assailant at a party, the three men fire up the time machine once again so they can find out who the shooter is and restore peace to the timeline.

As far as sequels go, Hot Tub Machine 2 isn’t half bad. I mean sure, most of the humor has been done to death from regurgitation to anal sex and everything else disgusting you can imagine. This type of over-the-top gross-out humor fills up the film’s 93-minute runtime. Screenwriter Josh Heald has even expanded his Hot Tub universe by addling a rather funny character to the mix, that of Adam’s future son, Adam Jr. (Adam Scott). Naive, innocent and utterly adorable, Adam Jr. does similar traits with his MIA dad and with his upcoming wedding serving as a perfect situation full of hilarity, get ready for one crazy adventure.

The chemistry between the main characters is brilliant and there is a running gag throughout the film where they mock one another by comparing their appearances to that of someone or something that isn’t very flattering. This theme is a constant throughout and it is quite honestly, the funniest aspect of the film. The future world of 2025 is also quite humorous complete with a smart car who is bent on killing Lou. All of these elements and more provide for one very funny ride. A third Hot Tub might be a possibility and with characters as rich and comedically strong as these, then a trilogy might not be that bad. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like the third Hangover, which did more harm than good.

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