‘Danny Elfman’s Music From the Films of Tim Burton’ in New York City: Recap

In 1985, one of film history’s greatest and most enduring working relationships began. Not only has the partnership between these two artists inspired some of the best cinema has to offer but it has brought about some of the most exiting and tender music known to man. I’m speaking of course about Danny Elfman and Tim Burton, a musician/film composer and film director respectively who have been delivering hit after hit for three decades. People in New York were recently treated to a number of live performances of Mr. Elfman’s scores as they were played for many a pleased audience in the Danny Elfman’s Music From the Films of Tim Burton at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall.

From July 6, 2015 through July 12 2015, the magic and power of Elfman’s music was performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra of New York and conducted by John Mauceri. Each evening was an absolute thrill with the famed composer’s creations being brought to glorious life. Elfman even appeared in person, singing his signature songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Avery Fisher Hall auditorium was of modest size and some fans even showed up dressed as their favorite Elfman-scored characters and wearing Elfman-related apparel. Sold out shows in Los Angeles and London motivated Lincoln Center in New York City to bring Elfman’s gifts to be performed on the East coast and the results were nothing short of spectacular. Chills and goosebumps probably took over many fans who grew up with BeetlejuiceBatman, and Edward Scissorhands upon hearing these iconic scores performed live.

Select pieces from Elfman/Burton scores for Pee Wee’s Big AdventureBeetlejuiceBatmanEdward ScissorhandsBatman ReturnsThe Nightmare Before ChristmasMars Attacks!Sleepy HollowPlanet of the ApesBig FishCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryCorpse BrideAlice in WonderlandDark Shadows and Frankenweenie were played and each of these concerts invited many faithful fans to come out and celebrate the creative partnership between two men whose genius has, does, and will continue to fill the world with quirky, gothic joy for many more years to come.

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