‘Sensory Stories’ Exhibit at Museum of the Moving Image is an Absolute Delight for the Senses

Technology has always helped guide film and bring it to new heights. Since the beginning of the motion picture camera, people have enjoyed the delights of sound and image. 2015 is seeing even more advanced forms of cinematic storytelling especially at Queens, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, which has most recently played host to an exciting new exhibition. That exhibition is Sensory Stories, a fully immersive and revolutionary film experience that not only takes audiences on a visual and auditory adventure but also stimulates touch and smell. All of the senses (with the exception of taste) are treated to a truly technological and artistic “trip”.

Sensory Stories ran from April 18 – July 26, 2015 and was one of Museum of the Moving Image’s most unique exhibits. Short virtual reality films take viewers on a very realistic journey, one that might put James Cameron to shame. Two of said films had viewers look around in a rural mountainous region and another had you sitting among villagers engaging in deep conversation. Both films were created by artist Chris Milk and they are absolutely extraordinary. There is also a sort of “scratch and sniff” element connected to another video piece as well as a the rhythmic “Dark Room Sex Game”, which is provocative yet fun, encouraging participants to play with a partner relying solely on sound and touch.

Future of StoryTelling (FoST) is an annual summit that invites artists, creators and tech savvy individuals to share their ideas and products in an attempt to enhance society and the entertainment industry through the power of telling stories. FoST and Museum of the Moving Image have joined forces to further FoST’s mission and invite museum patrons to indulge in the fully interactive exhibit. Sensory Stories’ next stop is the Phi Centre in Montreal, Canada from August 11 – September 27 and hopefully this very special exhibit will travel even further around the world after that.

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