The Aftermath

When someone hits absolute rockbottom, it can be a truly unfortunate and heartbreaking thing to watch. The rise and fall from grace can happen to anyone and when the fall eventually comes, be prepared to get a little emotional. The new independent drama The Aftermath is a fine example of showcasing the low points and troubling times of an individual and his desperate attempts to fix his own life. It is film that, while bleak in many parts, is a delightfully gritty tale with some powerful performances, most notably from the film’s star Sam Trammell (True BloodThe Fault in Our Stars).

The Aftermath follows Sonny (Trammel), a once highly functioning and upstanding member of society. When his marriage to Jennifer (Missy Yager) falls apart, he soon spirals downward into drug addiction and utter hopelessness. He does however hope to rekindle his marriage by presenting Jennifer with an anniversary present in the form of a necklace. The pendant eventually gets stolen and Sonny must enter the slums of Louisiana to get it back, encountering some rather unsavory characters along the way.

Obviously The Aftermath isn’t the feel good movie of the year. It is a dark and sometimes disturbing saga of one man and his quest to redeem himself and get his life back on the right track. Trammell is sensational in the lead role of Sonny and while this small indie may not garner Oscar buzz, he is certainly destined for other accolades. I do however hope he gets noticed by the Academy because his fluid and authentic performance here is the stuff of legends. The supporting cast is also rather strong with Vanessa Ferlito (GracelandDeath Proof) as a tough as nails local madam and Missy Yager (Dead Man WalkingB-Girl) as Sonny’s estranged wife.

The Louisiana setting is also very much a character in its own right, showing the unfortunate decay of society in certain parts of the area. There are rundown cars and many folks living in squalor. Sonny searches for his stolen pendant and his search leads him to seedy bars and strip joints. His life is threatened on many occasions and his attempts to return to a decent life are met with roadblocks throughout much of the film. Trammell’s devotion to the role of Sonny is unparalleled and fans of the actor must check this film out. Even people unfamiliar with the actor should give The Aftermath a try because it is certainly one of the better films of the first half of 2015.

With Sam Trammell giving the performance of his career (thus far) and a story that has many u-turns, The Aftermath is a gripping drama/thriller that will keep you entertained all throughout. Written and directed by Tim McCann (Nowhere ManRevolution #9) he film will more than likely end up on Netflix Instant and would be the perfect cinematic choice if you can’t find anything better. This movie also has the potential to become a cult favorite with its sleeper-like qualities. All in all, The Aftermath is a quality picture that should not be overlooked.

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