Retro Con 2015 Announcement!

Childhood is something most of us all remember, many with fondness and a deep love of the things and people around us. Nostalgia can be very powerful and it can transport us to different times just thinking about the cartoons, movies and toys that occupied our lives at those moments. Comic and toy conventions have been growing more and more in recent years and one such convention, Retro Con, has been joining in on the fun for a few years now. Located at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania and going on September 12th and the 13th, it is a venue in which many vendors, celebrities and events can take place and fill the air with positive energy and limitless fun.

This year’s Retro Con, like others before it, focuses on anything and everything that conjures nostalgic feelings. The 1980s are the primary focus at Retro Con, shining a spotlight on classic properties like Transformers, Star Wars, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, He-Man and the like. It is a place where cosplayers can roam free and browse the vendors’ tables in search for classic toys and memorabilia.

Some highlights that visitors should be aware of are the celebrity panels, a trivia contest, costume contests for children (and adults), a karaoke contest, raffles, and a charity auction. Two notable panels which should stand out are M.A.S.K., with Doug Stone,, Agents of MASK on Saturday and another on Sunday which features a slew of 80s voice actors including Michael Bell, John Moschitta, Doug Stone, and Michael McConnohie, both of which should be an entertaining trip down memory lane. A third panel featuring “Angry Video Game Nerd” and “The Nostalgia Critic” should prove to be rather insightful, not to mention, downright humorous. There will also be celebrity autograph signings and photo opportunities.

The New Jersey and New York Ghostbusters franchises will also be in attendance, battle-ready with their uniforms on and proton packs charged where fans can take plenty of photos. There will also be kid-friendly activities and plenty of other great photo opportunities. On top of that, KITT from Knight Rider will be there, as will the Back to the Future Delorean, not to mention the time machine phone booth from the Bill & Ted movies.

Courtesy of convention-organizers Rosemary and Anthony Tuski, Retro Con is a time for fun and nostalgia for all and if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area on September 12th and the 13th, it is highly recommended that you stop by and join in on the nostalgia-induced festivities.

Retro Con Official Website

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