V: The Complete First Season

“We are of peace, always.” This is the seemingly positive motto uttered by the alien race known as the V’s or “Visitors” that come to Earth in this sci-fi thriller, hastily revamped from the camp eighties serial in the wake of Battlestar Galactica’s phenomenal success. In the first season of this show, we are introduced to a plethora of characters and come to learn how each of their lives is affected by the arrival of these otherworldly creatures.

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Elf: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

‘Tis the season to be jolly because a very special collector’s edition of the 2003 Christmas comedy, Elf has been released on DVD, the Elf: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The movie itself is the same Infinifilm edition released six years ago by New Line Cinema however this time, the film comes in a rather cool gift tin packaged with other small goodies.

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You Might as Well Live

Meet Robert R. Mutt (Josh Peace), a simple 30 something-year old from Riverside, Canada who serves as the main character and anti-hero of You Might as Well Live. He is innocent, and somewhat confused. Think of an older Canadian version of Napoleon Dynamite and you have Robert. We are introduced to this interesting fellow when he attempts to commit suicide by drowning himself. He is unsuccessful in his attempt and is subsequently placed in a mental hospital. After showing the doctors and orderlies that he is actually a really happy individual, he is kicked out of the hospital and forced to return back to “normal” society.

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