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There have been many attempts to modernize the works of William Shakespeare. The Bard’s classic language is something many writers and filmmakers have tried to bring to the screen. This doesn’t always work unfortunately and while the motion picture is a more than appropriate medium to do this, it can sometimes be an utter disaster. One of Shakespeare’s later plays, Cymbeline, has caught the attention of director Michael Almereyda. No stranger to Shakespeare, he actually helmed the Ethan Hawke-starred Hamlet back in 2000. With an all-star cast and an intriguing premise, Cymbeline has loads of potential. Sadly, the actual resulting film falls painfully short. With the actors reciting Shakespeare’s dialogue word for word, this film will detract many but others might find it rather interesting.

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Music can be a very powerful form of therapy. The extreme comfort and utter majesty that a certain tune evokes can serve as a much needed security blanket when the occasion calls for it. The main character in the new dramedy Rudderless knows this all too well and the film follows this man on his quest to battle his demons and make his cloudy view of life a little bit sunnier.

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