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DVD Review: Big Game

When one thinks of Finland, one doesn’t immediately think of movies. Quality cinema isn’t something the country is particular known for.¬†However, last year, the country was responsible for playing host for a rather big budget film, in fact, the most expensive film to ever be produced in the country. That film is Big Game, an over the top, exhilarating thrill ride of a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson as the President of the United States who gets caught up in a ludicrous game of cat and mouse in the Finnish woods. It is a movie that sets out to do one thing: to entertain, and it does so in glorious fashion. It may not be an Academy Award contender but it is one hell of cinematic trip.

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Music can be a very powerful form of therapy. The extreme comfort and utter majesty that a certain tune evokes can serve as a much needed security blanket when the occasion calls for it. The main character in the new dramedy Rudderless knows this all too well and the film follows this man on his quest to battle his demons and make his cloudy view of life a little bit sunnier.

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