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Black Sea

The great thing about submarine films is that they usually evoke a strong sense of tension (Das BootThe Hunt for Red October), mostly motivated by claustrophobia and/or paranoia. The setting is so tight that those onboard may begin to lose it, unravel, and the results can be pretty gripping. The new thriller Black Sea is a perfect example of this and with a brilliant cast led by charismatic leading man Jude Law plus expert direction from Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of ScotlandOne Day in September), it is a film that will definitely leave a profound impact on audiences. It’s just a fun film and almost everything about it clicks.

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Starred Up

Prison sucks. There’s no disputing that. Being behind bars is probably hell on Earth for many people who’ve been caught breaking the law. Being caged like an animal can be truly taxing on one’s psyche and whoever does the crime must certainly do the time. The latest British prison drama Starred Up is the perfect representation of what’s it like to be in the clink and the results are gritty, brutal, and absolutely sensational.

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