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When it comes to comedy this day and age, movie executives don’t look very far. There are only a handful of reliable actors who can tickle an audience’s funny bone. One such person has been making waves in recent years, making a name for herself and cementing her presence in the realm of filmed entertainment. That individual is Melissa McCarthy and ever since 2011’s Bridesmaids and her work in the popular sitcom Mike & Molly, she has been making viewers laugh pretty consistently. Her latest film Spy is a fun big budget action comedy that continues to showcase the actress’ talent in the comedy arena while offering some pretty decent action sequences courtesy of the strong cast and filmmaker Paul Feig.

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Interview: Star Jude Law and Director Kevin Macdonald Talk ‘Black Sea’ and Submarines

In acclaimed British actor Jude Law’s latest film Black Sea, the actor takes on one of his most challenging roles yet, that of a Scottish submarine captain bent on retrieving a large sum of gold buried beneath the sea. The film is a harrowing adventure that features a motley crew of English and Russian men all pursuing the same thing: fortune. It is an old fashioned thriller that explores a number of themes including greed, paranoia, and sacrifice. I recently had the great privilege of interviewing star Jude Law and Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, One Day in September). Here’s how the interview went:

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Black Sea

The great thing about submarine films is that they usually evoke a strong sense of tension (Das BootThe Hunt for Red October), mostly motivated by claustrophobia and/or paranoia. The setting is so tight that those onboard may begin to lose it, unravel, and the results can be pretty gripping. The new thriller Black Sea is a perfect example of this and with a brilliant cast led by charismatic leading man Jude Law plus expert direction from Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of ScotlandOne Day in September), it is a film that will definitely leave a profound impact on audiences. It’s just a fun film and almost everything about it clicks.

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