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Blu-ray Review: Adult Beginners

The comedic stylings of Mr. Nick Kroll are an acquired taste. He can be dry, sarcastic, zany, or completely off the wall. He’s a stand-up who has graced Comedy Central with his presence for many a year now. You can either love him, hate him, or fall somewhere in between. His latest venture was on the big screen in Adult Beginners, a charming little dramedy with a pretty strong supporting cast. Since this film is a dramedy, it means that Kroll can flex a muscle he normally doesn’t get a chance to flex, that of a troubled and complex serious actor. Sure, don’t get me wrong, you still have that zany Kroll flavor, it’s just now accompanied by angst and self-loathing. All in all, this is a film one might want to check out.

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When it comes to comedy this day and age, movie executives don’t look very far. There are only a handful of reliable actors who can tickle an audience’s funny bone. One such person has been making waves in recent years, making a name for herself and cementing her presence in the realm of filmed entertainment. That individual is Melissa McCarthy and ever since 2011’s Bridesmaids and her work in the popular sitcom Mike & Molly, she has been making viewers laugh pretty consistently. Her latest film Spy is a fun big budget action comedy that continues to showcase the actress’ talent in the comedy arena while offering some pretty decent action sequences courtesy of the strong cast and filmmaker Paul Feig.

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Danny Collins

The plight of the aging rock star is something we’ve all seen on film before. It’s a premise that is not only entertaining but can be identified with by many. Anyone whose glory days are behind him or her and yearn for another shot is a universal theme and in the latest Al Pacino-starred dramedy Danny Collins, we see the highs and lows of someone who used to be great but has sadly fallen from grace. It’s a relatively big budget production full of notable stars and while it feels familiar, it’s actually a really strong film that will not only tug at your heartstrings but leave you laughing as well.

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