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The One I Love (Blu-ray)

Romantic comedies that contain supernatural elements aren’t exactly the norm this day and age. It is an interesting hybrid but it just isn’t seen very often. The charming indie The One I Love does manage to strike this offbeat balance and the results are actually pretty decent. Producer and star Mark Duplass (Safety Not Guaranteed, The Puffy Chair) and Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men, Listen Up Philip) form a cute pair in this film and the on-screen adventure they share is definitely worth checking out.

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Listen Up Philip

Writers are an interesting breed. They see the world in a way that is contrary to most non-creative types. To put together a piece of work that elicits powerful emotion and invites the reader to think, well that is just what knowledge and the pursuit of all things good is all about. The latest independent drama Listen Up Philip is a film that puts writers under the microscope and examines their place in society. With a strong cast and a dry, witty script, this is a film that won’t draw in mass audiences but it will leave an impression on the artsy crowd hungry for eccentric characters with realistic problems.

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