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Listen Up Philip

Writers are an interesting breed. They see the world in a way that is contrary to most non-creative types. To put together a piece of work that elicits powerful emotion and invites the reader to think, well that is just what knowledge and the pursuit of all things good is all about. The latest independent drama Listen Up Philip is a film that puts writers under the microscope and examines their place in society. With a strong cast and a dry, witty script, this is a film that won’t draw in mass audiences but it will leave an impression on the artsy crowd hungry for eccentric characters with realistic problems.

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The Little Tin Man

Little people are often overlooked in films. Sadly, those who are smaller are looked upon as inferior and unimportant. That is a highly ignorant point of view but that ignorance is combated in the latest quirky dramedy The Little Tin Man. It is a story about a man who is anything but inferior and the film raises awareness of little people and makes them as human as the next person. The film is sweet, touching, heartbreaking and downright funny.

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