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True Story

Over the past decade, actors Jonah Hill and James Franco have demonstrated a strong and rather consistent pattern of likable comedic performances. However, the two actors have also shown great ability in the realm of drama as well. They are both talented enough to tackle each genre with range and professionalism and whenever they delve into more serious works, audiences are almost always in for a real treat. Sadly, their new film True Story isn’t such a case. Here we have two solid actors who have attempted to make greatness but due to a dull script and uninspired direction, we have a movie that is completely devoid of any type of spark. This is truly unfortunate given the film’s very talented stars.

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The Theory of Everything

Very few people in the world are worthy of the moniker “genius”. To make groundbreaking discoveries that affect humanity and make a significant impact on the way people see the universe, well that’s very rare. Renowned English physicist Stephen Hawking is one such individual to achieve this and his life and work are the stuff of absolute legends. His research and theories questioned the very nature of time and space and shook the foundation of modern science. The new biographical film The Theory of Everything shines a light on the scientist’s personal life from when he was a young college student up until the present.

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