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Still Alice

Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that affects millions of people worldwide. Memory loss is a major symptom and it is quite common among middle-aged to elderly people. The new film Still Alice takes a deeply personal look at a woman who has recently been diagnosed with the disease and is now trying to adapt (along with her concerned family) to the illness and how it is changing her life. Julianne Moore gives the performance of her career and it is a film that will probably hit home with many people, especially those affected by the illness.

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Lebowski Fest New York 2014

There are many movies out there that contain lines of dialogue that are not only memorable but are ingrained in the collective conscious of civilization. Cult films in particular warrant constant recitation of lines and scene reenactment. The 1998 off-beat comedy classic The Big Lebowski is one such film and fans of the Coen Bros. gem flock every year to pay tribute at Lebowski Fest, a traveling event which celebrates the film. This weekend, the festivities took place in Manhattan and the Big Apple was treated to two days of fun, dress up, trivia, and bowling.

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