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The Gunman

Within the past decade, the middle-aged action hero has become an increasingly popular entity in movies. Ever since Liam Neeson shot and punched his way to action film fame in 2008’s Taken, the genre has seen an increase in actors over the age of 50. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a curious thing and film audiences are in for another example of this in The Gunman, a lackluster actioner starring a 53-year-old (but still excellent) Sean Penn. It’s a movie that doesn’t offer anything new but features a pretty impressive cast. Sadly though, the actors can’t save this film from mediocrity and that’s a real shame because there was some real potential here.

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Days and Nights

When attempting to achieve artistic greatness, filmmakers (or auteurs) as they are often described as or want to be described as, there are varying opinions when these directors try to pass off their work as “brilliant”. Art is a highly subjective thing and when a film like Days and Nights is made and features strong themes, decent acting and a script full of pretentiousness, questions may arise and confusion runs rampant. That confusion stems from the fact that all of the actors including writer/director/actor Christian Camargo (Dexter, The Hurt Locker) believe that this film is high art. It sadly is not and it tries so hard to be.

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