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The Rewrite

The woes of the one-hit wonder have been cleverly documented on film all too well. Movies like Barton Fink and Wonder Boys have tackled the subject exquisitely and numerous scribes throughout history have fallen victim to this unfortunate case of writer’s block. The new rom-com The Rewrite is based on the possibility that a once great creator can become a bit frozen when it comes to creating. Throw in a quirky plot, a pleasant setting and a superb supporting cast and you definitely have something worth checking out. It is a film that doesn’t break any genre rules or offer anything particularly new, just a cute story and a fine cast of actors.

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Days and Nights

When attempting to achieve artistic greatness, filmmakers (or auteurs) as they are often described as or want to be described as, there are varying opinions when these directors try to pass off their work as “brilliant”. Art is a highly subjective thing and when a film like Days and Nights is made and features strong themes, decent acting and a script full of pretentiousness, questions may arise and confusion runs rampant. That confusion stems from the fact that all of the actors including writer/director/actor Christian Camargo (Dexter, The Hurt Locker) believe that this film is high art. It sadly is not and it tries so hard to be.

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