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The Beguiled

Historical dramas can go one of two ways. They can either be syrupy, melodramatic snoozefests or they can be absorbing and utterly exquisite works of art. With The Beguiled, we get something more in sync with the latter and with an absorbing story and strong performances, we have a film that goes beyond the average cinematic work and leaves an indelible impression on its viewer.

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Interview: Director Kim Farrant talks ‘Strangerland’

In the new Australian thriller Strangerland, we get a story that is not only gritty and raw but eerily realistic. Focusing on a simple family whose two children have gone missing, Strangerland has an impressive cast consisting of Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving. The film not only benefits from having a strong cast but from a highly capable director, Kim Farrant. This is Farrant’s feature film debut and it is a powerful entry in the gifted filmmaker’s budding career. Farrant recently spoke with me, here’s how that interview went:

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In 1958, English author Michael Bond introduced the world to Paddington Bear, a kind-hearted young bear who speaks, wears a slightly oversized hat, has a taste for marmalade as well as a penchant for adventure. Paddington has appeared in numerous books, animated programs, toys, and for purposes for this review, a feature-length film. Paddington is a charming movie that showcases the beloved bear and tells his story in an intelligent, fun, and visually-striking way. It is a film for the whole family and the perfect way to start off 2015.

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