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Road Hard

Stand up comedy is a tough profession to find success in.  Many brave souls have tried and many  have failed. For many, it’s just a job but for some, it’s a career and those who can find success in it, well all the more power to them. Adam Carolla is one such individual and he has been in the game for over two decades now. In addition to his stand up, he has had numerous television shows including The Man Show and Loveline. He has made it big on radio and in podcasting. He’s even authored a few books. But for purposes of this review, we will be focusing on his new film Road Hard, which isn’t a straight up autobiopic but a bittersweet look at the lifestyle of many stand up comedians. It is a film that doesn’t just present comics in a goofy light but strips away the fame and money to reveal a more personal and humanistic story.

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