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When a superhero film is rated R, you know you’re in for quite a ride. For the past decade, Marvel and DC have churned out their products with the PG-13 rating firmly stamped on them. This is to ensure that parents will take their kids to the theater, thus spending more and feeding the Hollywood blockbuster machine a little more every couple of months. The new Marvel action spectacle Deadpool shifts this way of marketing in a way never seen before. Rated R, it is a violent, profane, and occasionally sexual rollercoaster ride that will leave audiences breathless, ADULT audiences. Yes, Deadpool is a superhero/crimefighter but he is not your friendly neighborhood superhero. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza and played brilliantly by Ryan Reynolds, he is an antihero who, with a bizarre yet thoroughly enjoyable sense of humor, will slice and shoot his way throughout the film’s brisk 108-minute runtime and will leave you with a big grin well after the end credits.

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Interview: Actor Stefan Kapicic Talks ‘Deadpool’

The new antihero action/comedy Deadpool is out now and it is a rare exercise in satirical fun. The script is as sharp as the titular character’s swords and the cast is absolutely perfect. Croatian-Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic is included in that perfect cast and he plays X-Man Colossus in the film. Through the use of motion capture technology, the gifted actor relies mostly on his voice and his performance is without a doubt, one the film’s strongest aspects. I was able to sit down with Stefan and it was truly illuminating chat. Here’s how it went:

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