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When a superhero film is rated R, you know you’re in for quite a ride. For the past decade, Marvel and DC have churned out their products with the PG-13 rating firmly stamped on them. This is to ensure that parents will take their kids to the theater, thus spending more and feeding the Hollywood blockbuster machine a little more every couple of months. The new Marvel action spectacle Deadpool shifts this way of marketing in a way never seen before. Rated R, it is a violent, profane, and occasionally sexual rollercoaster ride that will leave audiences breathless, ADULT audiences. Yes, Deadpool is a superhero/crimefighter but he is not your friendly neighborhood superhero. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza and played brilliantly by Ryan Reynolds, he is an antihero who, with a bizarre yet thoroughly enjoyable sense of humor, will slice and shoot his way throughout the film’s brisk 108-minute runtime and will leave you with a big grin well after the end credits.

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Interview: Actor Stefan Kapicic Talks ‘Deadpool’

The new antihero action/comedy Deadpool is out now and it is a rare exercise in satirical fun. The script is as sharp as the titular character’s swords and the cast is absolutely perfect. Croatian-Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic is included in that perfect cast and he plays X-Man Colossus in the film. Through the use of motion capture technology, the gifted actor relies mostly on his voice and his performance is without a doubt, one the film’s strongest aspects. I was able to sit down with Stefan and it was truly illuminating chat. Here’s how it went:

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Blu-ray Review: Woman in Gold

When war rocks the world and valuables are stolen or misplaced, said valuables need to be replaced or returned. Art is one type of valuable and in the wake of many wars, such as World War II, these pieces need to be returned to their rightful owners. The latest drama Woman in Gold focused on one such case where the famous painting, Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I was stolen from Maria Altmann’s family by the Nazis during that turbulent time. This film follows the true account of Altmann as she attempts to legally take back the painting which is rightfully her’s and her family’s. Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren and a spectacled Ryan Reynolds bring this fascinating story to life but sadly the results are a bit underwhelming.

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The Captive

Films about abducted children often yield the strongest results. One of the great fears a parent has is that his or her child might go missing. This is a very real fear and films have been exploring that fear time and time again. In the new Canadian thriller The Captive, the missing child premise is presented in its usual bleak and highly disturbing manner. The film features a strong cast, breathtaking visuals, and tight direction from a filmmaker who has impressed in the past with his subtle style and thought-provoking subjects. Atom Egoyan is that filmmaker and The Captive is another of man’s probing works.

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