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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey has a proven track record of tickling many an audience’s funny bone. Not only is she a seasoned comedian but she is one who never shies away from controversial or awkward humor. Her newest film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a unique and entertaining adventure that places Fey’s character in a rather precarious situation: the war on terror. It is a fun and smart vehicle for the former SNL player and will appeal to most audiences, especially those who appreciate thought-provoking war comedies peppered with subtle humor and gritty action. Fans of Fey’s will eat this up and so will casual admirers of the gifted funny woman.

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Saving My Tomorrow

The main purpose of a documentary is a two-pronged one: to educate, as well as to entertain. If a documentary can pull off both of those missions, then that documentary has fulfilled its purpose. The new HBO doc Saving My Tomorrow is a powerful statement about the Earth and protecting the environment at all costs. Told through song, art, and the voices of deeply passionate children, the film delivers an extremely important message in a way that is fun, easy to digest, and suitable for the entire family.

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This Is Where I Leave You

The family dramedy is a tried and true example of quality modern day cinema. Conflicts among relatives can make for some truly interesting storytelling. Fighting can often test the bond of even the closest of family units and the latest film This Is Where I Leave You is a prime example of that. The film has an ensemble cast full of Hollywood comedic A-listers and a screenplay rife with sharp wit, realism and plenty of heart. It is a film perfect for both those craving pure escapism and at the same time, those seeking a movie which is devastatingly authentic and may hit close to home.

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