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This Is Where I Leave You

The family dramedy is a tried and true example of quality modern day cinema. Conflicts among relatives can make for some truly interesting storytelling. Fighting can often test the bond of even the closest of family units and the latest film This Is Where I Leave You is a prime example of that. The film has an ensemble cast full of Hollywood comedic A-listers and a screenplay rife with sharp wit, realism and plenty of heart. It is a film perfect for both those craving pure escapism and at the same time, those seeking a movie which is devastatingly authentic and may hit close to home.

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Spiritual journeys are the usual basis for many a movie. Everyone at some point or another asks the important questions and seeks the answers that usually can’t be answered. That quest for knowledge is what keeps us going and it normally provides for some rather thrilling cinema. Tracks is the true story of one such person, a young woman who basically picks up and ventures out where it is basically only her facing the sometimes harsh elements of nature and the darkness of the great unknown.

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What If

In the wake of his decade playing Harry Potter, young, talented actor Daniel Radcliffe has certainly blossomed and matured in his entertainment career. He has taken unconventional film roles and has earned much praise with his stints on Broadway. At the tender age of 24, Mr. Radcliffe continually brings joy to the world and manages to captivate his audiences. His latest film What If (aka The F Word) is a charming romantic dramedy in which he and fellow youngin Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks, Revolutionary Road) play an intriguing game of emotional ping pong. The film is quirky, raw, and downright fun.

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