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The line between good and bad can at times, be rather grey. With crime, this distinction comes up a lot and whether you are right or wrong, the road getting to that truth can be pretty bumpy. The latest Australian export Felony explores moral ambiguity and during the course of the film, the main character’s motives are explored and his moral compass, seriously tested. It isn’t a very good film but it does tackle an issue that can be very important. A human drama through and through, it does have a noble purpose and that, like most films, is to entertain. Unfortunately, this film doesn’t rank too high on the fun-o-meter.

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Good People

They say money is the root of all evil and on occasion, it is but in some instances, it can be very necessary and used for good. In the new gritty thriller Good People, human nature and ethics are examined when money becomes the source of a major story conflict. The film benefits not only from a taut script but from a strong central cast. James Franco, Kate Hudson, Tom Wilkinson and Omar Sy elevate the film to great heights and it is a movie that is both subtle and suspenseful, drawing the audience in with its clever plot and fine performances.

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