Heidi’s Song

Animated feature films have been around for a very long time. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves started the genre in 1937 and more than seven decades later, the animated film business is still going strong. Heidi’s Song is one such animated feature. Released in 1982 and produced by Hanna-Barbera, it is a charming musical tale of a young orphaned girl who struggles to find a family and friendship. Warner Bros. has re-released the film on DVD through its special Archive Collection.

The film follows adorable orphan Heidi who is temporarily united with her gruff woodsman grandfather who resides in the Swiss mountains. At first, the two have a hard time living with one another but after a leg injury and Heidi’s companionship, the grandfather starts to enjoy having Heidi around. Things however get complicated when a foster family for Heidi is found and she must leave her grandfather. The rest of film deals with Heidi’s adventures with her new “family” and the pain of leaving her grandfather.

Heidi’s Song is a solid animated feature. There are catchy songs, colorful characters and the animation is truly top notch. The plot may be a little cliche at times and the songs a little syrupy but don’t let that fool you. Heidi’s Song is a delightful film that children will certainly get a kick out of. Thanks to Warner Bros. Archive Collection, this lovely film, produced by the great company of Hanna-Barbera is here and would be a great addition to anyone’s DVD collection.

DVD Bonus Features

There are no bonus features for Heidi’s Song.

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