Spoons, Toons & Booze

As a kid, Saturday mornings were like Christmas Day. Cartoons, cereal and a weekend full of having fun and not worrying. The only worry might be that two of your favorite cartoons were on at the same time but that’s what the VCR was for. Nevertheless, the fun was always there and entertainment company Secret Formula and the Nitehawk Cinema are having their very own cereal, cartoon and alcohol brunch event Spoons, Toons & Booze Gone Wild, a celebration of the wonderful combination of classic animated series and delicious cereal.

Spoons, Toons & Booze Gone Wild is happening at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on both Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26 at noon and will feature a cereal bar buffet where you can mix and match different cereals, and have it with your choice of either regular or soy milk and maybe add some liquour to your creations for a little kick. While you enjoy your cereal, a collection of cartoons will be screened. From Looney Tunes to Thundercats to Ducktales to whatever your inner child desires, this is the place to be.

There will be contests to see which cartoons will be shown as well as contests to win prizes. Secret Formula is known for their hip, quirky shows and the Nitehawk Cinema is the perfect venue for their awesome entertainment. Spoons, Toons & Booze Gone Wild is a wonderful concept that is perfect for the kid in all of us. If you spent your Saturday mornings as a youngster eating sugary cereal and watching adventurous and often humourous cartoons, then Spoons, Toons & Booze Gone Wild is right up your alley.

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