The Flat

Documentaries are a type of film that reveal intriguing topics and educate the masses. They are the motion picture equivalent of a text book and they sometimes manage to grab the viewer’s attention. Israeli filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger (The Komediant) has delved deep into his family’s history in his eye-opening documentary The Flat, a film that is beautifully shot and narrated in a lovely manner.

The Flat follows Goldfinger as he cleans out his late grandmother Gerda Tuchler’s apartment only to find out that she and her husband were close friends with Leopold von Mildenstein, a high-ranking Nazi official. With this surprising news, Goldfinger attempts to learn more by interviewing relatives and family friends.

Goldfinger’s quest in getting to the bottom of this shocking family revelation is done quite well. He is like a detective and his film is a magnifying glass attempting to find out all that he can regarding his grandparents’ friendship with a Nazi.

The picture of the DVD is crystal-clear, the audio is fine and the editing is masterfully done. The topic is sort of interesting but seems more fascinating to Goldfinger than anyone else. At 98 minutes, The Flat could have benefited from a shorter running time. People interested in exploring family mysteries and learning about history will enjoy this film. Those who aren’t interested in sluggish pacing and Goldfinger’s very personal search for facts may want to sit this one out. The Flat is a documentary with some watchable moments but overall it’s just the journey of one man’s desire seeking the truth.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for The Flat are, well, flat. There is only one feature and it is a trailer for the film.

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