The relationship between man and dog is a fascinating one. Canines are man’s best friend and when something drastic happens that comes between both species, decisive action must be taken. This is the premise of the very weird indy comedyWrong which tells a very simple story in a very bizarre and somewhat confusing way. Filmmaker/musician Quentin Dupieux (Rubber,Steak) has put together a film that will not only entertain but will leave you scratching your head and wanting more.

Dolph Springer, played by Jack Plotnick (Reno 911!,Girls Will Be Girls), is your seemingly average Joe. He lives in the suburbs and continues to go to a job that has fired him. He has a gardener who does strange work and his alarm clock is set to 7:60am! His life is off but there is a pattern to its eccentric nature. One morning he wakes up to find his beloved dog Paul missing. Dolph then sets out on a quest to find his beloved furry friend and the weirdness continues.

Wrong is a film that leaves the viewer asking questions but when attempting to analyze said questions, one might start asking even more. The wit and charm of Wrong lie in its kooky plot and colorful characters. Master Chang played hilariously by William Fichtner (Prison Break,Armageddon) is one of the film’s most mesmerizing oddballs. His mysterious background and ridiculous life “lessons” offer some of the film’s funniest moments.

Steve Little (Eastbound & DownThe Catechism Cataclysm) also provides a much appreciated zany performance. He plays pet detective Ronnie and his methods might actually match those of Ace Ventura. Another lovely performance comes from Alexis Dziena (Nick and Norah’s Infinite PlaylistEntourage) who plays Emma, a sexy yet delusional pizzeria employee who gets involved with Dolph. Her beauty and quirky sense of humor only elevate the quality of the film.

Perhaps the strangest thing about Wrong other than its acting talent is the screenplay which reads like a twisted dream where nothing makes sense but then again that’s the whole point.Wrong relies heavily on awkward silences and unorthodox dialogue. Dolph lives in this world and seems pretty comfortable in it, that is until his dog goes missing. His view on life is a optimistic one and that is why he continues to go to a job that doesn’t want him. He believes that there is a silver lining even when there really isn’t one.

Quentin Dupieux has a strong command of the camera and directs Wrong in a way that is just so right. Many scenes in the film are brightly lit and this is ironic since a lot of what happens to Dolph is so dark. This irony litters the film and continues the already established dark sense of humor. The soundtrack is also filled with interesting choices that help move the story along.

With so many weird characters and a screenplay dripping with absurdity, Wrong may very well be one the strangest and most fun indy films to be released in the past few years. It’s light on violence which is good for younger audiences but then again Wrong should not be screened for anyone younger than 13. That would be wrong.

Films often come with messages, something deep and meaningful that the viewer could take away after the credits roll. Wrong is not one of these films. Wrong is just 94 minutes following a man who has a strong appreciation for his lost pooch. The sense of humor in Wrong is not for everyone and if you want a standard Hollywood blockbuster, look elsewhere. This film is an acquired taste and those who wish to sample it may enjoy it. The style of the film is very intriguing and one can hope to see more of Quentin Dupieux’s work in the near future. His vision is strong and the world he created with Wrong is one filled with many question marks and a few smiles.

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