Big Apple Comic Con 2017 – Recap

With every year, comic cons get increasingly popular. At this point, they are pretty much a staple of modern society and why shouldn’t they be? They bring people together, people with similar interests and a passion for all things pop culture. This past March saw the return of the Big Apple Con, a fun little con that has been around since 1996. The Penn Plaza Pavillion in New York City has once again played host to the con and once again, the results were pretty great. Movie, tv, comic book, and wrestling stars delighted attendees with their presence and it was certainly a weekend to remember.

Frank Miller, Jon Bernthal, Elden Henson, Jason David Frank, Barbara Eden, and Johnny Brennen, Taimak, and The Amazing Kristin were just some of the great talent that made it to Big Apple Con. There were vendors, Q&A’s, and cosplay contests. Fans would show up dressed up as their favorite fictional characters and bask in the warm glow of geekdom and being a geek myself, I felt right at home.

The Big Apple Con is the longest-running comic convention in New York City and retailer Michael “Mike Carbo” Carbonaro is mainly responsible for its inception in 1996. Those who might get overwhelmed by the massive size of New York Comic Con’s Javits Center will probably feel more comfortable at the Penn Plaza Pavillion. The venue is much smaller but the nerdy ambiance is just as strong. There isn’t anything flashy about the Big Apple Con and that’s just fine. It’s just a small space with big stars, quality merchandise, and fans connecting with other fans and their idols.

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