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The Big Sick

When a standup comedian makes the sometimes lackluster transition to feature films, it can be a risky move. The comic stage and the movie screen are obviously very different and sometimes, comedians’ success doesn’t transfer over. Thankfully Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, Adventure Time) has made a smooth move to film and the new romantic dramedy The Big Sick highlights his talents, not only as an every/funnyman but as a sensitive actor who draws the audience in.

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Interview: Special Effects/Makeup Artist Tom Woodruff Jr. Talks ‘The Monster’

Terminator, PredatorAliensTremorsPumpkinheadStarship Troopers. These are just a few of the many creatures special effects/makeup wizard Tom Woodruff Jr. has conjured up during his career. He has been creating some of cinema history’s most memorable characters for over three decades and his latest work is featured in the indie horror/drama The Monster. Tom was nice enough to speak with Unger the Radar. Here’s how that conversation went:

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What If

In the wake of his decade playing Harry Potter, young, talented actor Daniel Radcliffe has certainly blossomed and matured in his entertainment career. He has taken unconventional film roles and has earned much praise with his stints on Broadway. At the tender age of 24, Mr. Radcliffe continually brings joy to the world and manages to captivate his audiences. His latest film What If (aka The F Word) is a charming romantic dramedy in which he and fellow youngin Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks, Revolutionary Road) play an intriguing game of emotional ping pong. The film is quirky, raw, and downright fun.

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