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It isn’t very often a quality thriller comes along and blows audiences away. Thrillers are a tricky film genre to tackle but when it’s done right, it’s an absolute pleasure and a treat for the senses. The latest crime thriller Sicario is one such film and with a phenomenal cast, a visionary director a fantastic score, among other elements well in place, it is a movie that only impresses but manages to get viewers on the edge of their seats. It is a film that deals with the conflict that exists on the United States-Mexican border and expands it in a brilliantly dramatic way. Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin headline this taut thriller and the results are downright extraordinary.

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Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson is something of an enigma. His films explore dark themes and highlight the very worst of human behavior. From Boogie Nights to The Master, he places well known actors in his films which pushes the envelope a bit and they deliver performances that are certainly outside of their comfort zones. The new crime dramedy Inherent Vice continues Anderson’s trend of placing characters in precarious situations and squeezing awkward tension and off kilter humor out of many of the scenes. His latest offering isn’t exactly a classic and it tells a rather confusing film noir-esque story. Serious fans of Anderson and star Joaquin Phoenix should check this film out but even they might be detracted from the picture’s ridiculously complicated plot.

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