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Soundtrack Review: Minions

In the last twenty years, the computer-animated film genre has grown exponentially. Toy Story started things off nicely in 1995 and since then, the movie business has benefited from a bevy of charming tales and brilliant art. The latest computer-animated adventure Minions is taking the world by storm and not only is it a cute film but it features a rather fun soundtrack that, like the film itself, is perfect for both children and adults. Hans Zimmer-student Heitor Pereira is responsible for the film’s score and there are also a couple of popular songs that comprise the vibrant album.

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The Congress

What happens when youth and beauty start to fade? Well, in Hollywood, when that happens, the once beautiful actress and symbol of all things young and sexy is put out to pasture. The sad truth is that once an actress is past her prime, she is no longer in demand. Everything she worked for and went through will be nothing more than a memory, a piece of history. The Congress is a bleak, honest, and entertaining sci-fi drama which addresses the issue of age and celebrity, a very important part of the entertainment business. This film explores said issue in a way that is unique, scathing, and at times, kind of fun.

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