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Big Eyes

The business of art can be a tricky enterprise to take on. Creativity needs to be commended and credited properly. Plagiarism and fraud can damage a piece’s reputation and the consequences can be disastrous. This scenario is at the forefront in Tim Burton’s latest offbeat dramedy Big Eyes, an unbelievably true story that doesn’t seem true at all. The film has all the makings of a fantastical tale conjured up by imaginative screenwriters and realized visually by one of Hollywood’s most well-known and respected auteurs. It is a fun little movie with excellent performances, a smart script and some of the more subdued elements of Mr. Tim Burton’s signature quirky style.

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The Liberator

Throughout history, there have been those who have instilled change and promote progress. Individuals such as these are often seen as heroes and their efforts to better things don’t go unnoticed. Simon Bolivar is one such individual and his political and military endeavors are the stuff of legends. The latest film The Liberator is an epic biodrama that highlights Bolivar’s life and his valiant efforts which made a significant historical impact on Latin America. It is a big budget biography with high ambitions and an even higher production cost.

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The Congress

What happens when youth and beauty start to fade? Well, in Hollywood, when that happens, the once beautiful actress and symbol of all things young and sexy is put out to pasture. The sad truth is that once an actress is past her prime, she is no longer in demand. Everything she worked for and went through will be nothing more than a memory, a piece of history. The Congress is a bleak, honest, and entertaining sci-fi drama which addresses the issue of age and celebrity, a very important part of the entertainment business. This film explores said issue in a way that is unique, scathing, and at times, kind of fun.

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