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The Little Tin Man

Little people are often overlooked in films. Sadly, those who are smaller are looked upon as inferior and unimportant. That is a highly ignorant point of view but that ignorance is combated in the latest quirky dramedy The Little Tin Man. It is a story about a man who is anything but inferior and the film raises awareness of little people and makes them as human as the next person. The film is sweet, touching, heartbreaking and downright funny.

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Life Itself

Remember when film criticism relied upon a simple “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down”? This was an extraordinarily powerful way to gauge a movie’s quality and it was through this method that film critics and journalists ever since have adapted to their own ways of judging cinema. Roger Ebert was one of the pioneers of the “Thumbs up” approach and he was not just a talented writer and critic but a force for good in American pop culture. His intelligence and supreme wit have made him a cultural icon and the new documentary Life Itself beautifully sums up the man’s life.

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