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99 Homes

Ever since the Great Recession hit, many people have lost their mortgages and their homes. The economy took a turn for the worse and people with financial woes were be kicked out of their dwellings. It is a truly sad fact and it is also sad for those whose nasty job it is to evict these poor souls. The new dramatic thriller 99 Homes explores both unfortunate sides: the evictee and the evictor. Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon headline this fantastic yet bleak film which not only sheds a light on something few people may consider but presents it in a way that really quite impressive. This coupled with a stellar script, tight direction and some very strong performances, you have a film that is in a class all in its own.

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Life Itself

Remember when film criticism relied upon a simple “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down”? This was an extraordinarily powerful way to gauge a movie’s quality and it was through this method that film critics and journalists ever since have adapted to their own ways of judging cinema. Roger Ebert was one of the pioneers of the “Thumbs up” approach and he was not just a talented writer and critic but a force for good in American pop culture. His intelligence and supreme wit have made him a cultural icon and the new documentary Life Itself beautifully sums up the man’s life.

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