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Elvis & Nixon

Throughout American history, there have been many odd moments. Stories that are so off the wall, that they simply seem like pure fiction. One such moment occurred at the White House on December 21, 1970 and it revolved around two of the nation’s most popular figures. Elvis & Nixon is the strangely mixed account of a meeting between two figures that one might never expect to meet. It is a fun dramedy that “depicts” the events leading up to and surrounding one of history’s most bizarre encounters. The brilliant Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey portray The King of Rock and Roll and 37th president of the United States respectively and the results aren’t just funny but rather deep and absorbing.

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99 Homes

Ever since the Great Recession hit, many people have lost their mortgages and their homes. The economy took a turn for the worse and people with financial woes were be kicked out of their dwellings. It is a truly sad fact and it is also sad for those whose nasty job it is to evict these poor souls. The new dramatic thriller 99 Homes explores both unfortunate sides: the evictee and the evictor. Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon headline this fantastic yet bleak film which not only sheds a light on something few people may consider but presents it in a way that really quite impressive. This coupled with a stellar script, tight direction and some very strong performances, you have a film that is in a class all in its own.

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