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The Captive

Films about abducted children often yield the strongest results. One of the great fears a parent has is that his or her child might go missing. This is a very real fear and films have been exploring that fear time and time again. In the new Canadian thriller The Captive, the missing child premise is presented in its usual bleak and highly disturbing manner. The film features a strong cast, breathtaking visuals, and tight direction from a filmmaker who has impressed in the past with his subtle style and thought-provoking subjects. Atom Egoyan is that filmmaker and The Captive is another of man’s probing works.

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Top Five

Chris Rock’s name has been synonymous with comedy ever since his early days of stand-up in the 1980s, his years at Saturday Night Live, and his following highly successful film career. His path to success was a steady one and he certainly made some smart moves. He is unapologetic in his routines and he takes stabs at pretty much everyone, with a sharp wit and an intelligent commentary on American society. His new film Top Five (which he wrote, directed, and stars in) is a surprisingly weak entry in the talented comedian’s body of work but it does feature strong scenes and some over-the-top dialogue. Filled with an impressive roster of A-list comedians in cameo roles, it isn’t a total waste.

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