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Unmade Beds

Independent films are often gritty and realistic. They tell stories that are relatable to many people.Unmade Beds is no exception. Directed by Argentinian director Alexis Dos Santos, this romantic drama tells the story of two random young people and their quest for love and truth. Originally released in 2009, this film was entered in the Sundance Film Festival and the Montreal Festival of New Cinema where it won the Quebec Film Critic’s Award.

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Raging Bull: 30th Anniversary Edition

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have enjoyed an extraordinary working relationship for over four decades. Their collaborations have resulted in some of cinema history’s greatest works. Raging Bull is among them and the 30th anniversary edition of the landmark film is now out on Blu-ray and DVD. Released in 1980, this compelling true story of middleweight boxing champ Jake LaMotta chronicles the fighter’s rise and fall from grace, his troubled personal relationships and his dark inner demons. Robert De Niro won his second Oscar for portraying this fascinating individual.

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Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2 is being released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy in a nifty new combo pack guaranteed to scare your pants off. This is great news because the horror genre has been on a bit of a decline in recent years. The only real entries in this genre have been the numerous Saw films.Paranormal Activity and its follow-up Paranormal Activity 2 are fresh and original stories offering audiences genuine scares proving to the world that the horror genre is not just limited to gory torture porn.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: “Those Aren’t Pillows!” Edition

The late John Hughes was known almost exclusively in the 80s for his teen films, however there is one movie of his that concerns adults, a hilarious road-trip comedy entitled Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The film pairs funny men Steve Martin and the late John Candy in what is easily one of the best comedies of the 1980s, and now the movie is presented on a new special edition DVD, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: “Those Aren’t Pillows!” Edition.

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Boy Meets World: The Complete Fourth Season

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 90’s, you were probably an avid Boy Meets World watcher. Part of ABC’s TGIF lineup, Boy Meets World was a successful family sitcom that ran for seven seasons. It chronicled the life and times of Cory Matthews, a young man from Philadelphia, who throughout the series run, grew up from a pre-teen to a college adult. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has been kind enough to release season four on DVD causing fans of the now classic show to rejoice.

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